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Interswitch One Africa Music Fest

Interswitch One Africa Music Fest (IOAMF) is the most prestigious leading platform in showcasing Africa's best and brightest talents with the sole aim of solidifying Africa's position within the entertainment industry on a global level. We see this concept as a critical contribution to the development and awareness of African Music/Talents Globally. The results will be the expansion of physical and digital entertainment and lifestyle distribution, creating partnership opportunities around the globe. Our pointers are;

  • Africa's Biggest Afrobeat Brand
  • Africa's Best Afrobeat Brand
  • Integriting Africa Globally.


What are our partners saying about Interswitch One Africa Music Fest?

Promoting Afrobeat GLOBALLY


To promote African music, create awareness, stimulate demand, develop audiences and promote sustainability for African music globally. To promote collaborations between African music artists, businesses, and communities. Connecting people in a social, entertaining environment with a humanitarian cause.

Connecting Africa

Provide a platform for African Artists globally, connecting the Talents to their fans worldwide. One Africa Global aims to become the global export for African Entertainment and Lifestyle

Target Audience

Upwardly mobile Africans, Americans, Caribbean, Europeans. Asians around the world Diaspora Africans within different countries around the world Concert goers, music lovers, life style and pop culture enthusiast between the ages of 15 – 55 years Young professionals; Teenagers, Men and Women who love to experience a different culture Music lovers looking to indulge in a different genre of music Fashion lovers looking to try a different style/fashion Lifestyle Enthusiasts interested in traveling, experiencing and exploring Supporters of the.…. cause


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